Tips On Coping With Peanut Allergies

peanut allergies

Coping with peanut allergies can at times feel like a mission impossible, especially if you are a parent who is worried sick about your child’s peanut allergy. However, sometimes knowing a few tips and tricks that other people use can go a long way in making life that little bit easier. Here come a few ideas that may come in useful for how you deal with such an allergy on a daily basis.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open With The Moms Of Your Child’s Classmates

Even if you have informed your child’s teacher of your child’s peanut allergy, you may still find yourself constantly worrying that during those daytime hours when your little one is not in your sight they will somehow come into contact with the dreaded peanuts. After all, the other children in the class may have nutty snacks with them or some other food that could be of danger to your child and their allergy. What can you do?

Don’t presume that other parents would be annoyed if you told them about your predicament. For example, you could send out a well-worded letter to all of the parents which explains how hard it is for you coping with peanut allergies day in and day out and your particular concerns regarding when your child is at school.

In addition, there would be nothing wrong with politely asking that parents don’t give their children nutty snacks to take into school. You may be surprised at how kindly and sensitively the other moms respond to your open request.

Have Other Treats On Hand

When your child is still small, explaining to them why they cannot have a particular yummy snack, especially when other children are having it, can certainly be a challenge. However, if you keep the right alternative snacks on hand you should be able to alleviate feelings of being deprived or left-out. Take note of the snacks that your child especially loves and refrain from giving them on a regular basis, Rather, save them for such occasions as we have just mentioned. You will soon see that these snacks become little lifesavers!

Certainly dealing with peanut allergies can be a real challenge and one that may get you down on a regular basis. We truly hope that the tips we have outlined above will make a difference in making life that little bit easier.