Is An ER Visit Necessary – Some Warning Signs

emergency room visits

Is an ER visit necessary? Sometimes it can be difficult to know. The human body has a miraculous ability to shrug off illness – or even most injuries – but there’s a fine line between overreaction and simply shrugging off a problem.

So what are the warning signs that a trip to the local ER room might be required?

1. A Headache.

A headache could be something that really shouldn’t concern a parent or anyone suffering from one. But if it continues for an extended period of time then it may very well be a cause for serious concern.

If a headache that is experienced is sudden – a bolt out of the blue as it were – and it prevents normal functioning, it might be time to think whether the sufferer needs a visit to the ER. If that headache is also accompanied by a rash, elevated fever or neck pain, immediately head towards the ER. The sufferer could have meningitis, a potentially fatal disease.

2. Abdominal Pain.

Bad seafood or something more serious? Is an ER visit necessary? If it continues for a while and the pain is on the right lower side of your tummy, rather be safe than sorry. A burst appendix is not only no one’s idea of fun – it can be life-threatening.

3. Chest Discomfort.

Almost every adult is aware that gastric distress can lead to some chest pain. But sometimes it can be a lot more serious. More people are killed by heart attacks than any cause in the developed world. If you are experiencing pain in your jaw, arms or neck – and you are also experiencing chest pain, then it’s time for a trip to the ER. Shooting pains in your left arm and that jaw pain? Don’t wait. Get there immediately.

4. Sepsis.

Get bitten by a spider? Scratch yourself on a rusty nail? Stand on a thorn? Treat immediately with disinfectants. But keep an eye on that wound. Start throwing up and experiencing low energy levels or have a wound that simply will not heal, and it’s time to visit your local ER. And do not wait if it grows – especially from insect bites. There are several species of venomous insect such as spiders that can cause long-term health issues. They aren’t common – but best be safe.