Jessica About

Hello, friends. I’m Jessica.

I’m glad you stopped by my site: kids2kidsmission.org.

I started this site a few years ago when I started getting involved in missions trips that were specifically targeted toward needy kids.

If you’ve never heard of a missions trip, it’s basically a short-term trip (usually like a week or two, sometimes up to a month) where you go and do something for someone else without any expectation of pay. In fact, you usually have to pay all of your own expenses to even go on the trip, including airfare, food and lodging.

I started going on different kinds of missions trips in high school. As I got older and realized I wanted to pursue medical pediatrics as a career, it developed naturally that my interest in missions trips veered toward those that helped kids.

I’ve gone on many medical missions trips that focus on kids. I’ve gone to almost every continent and worked with most of the major mission agencies out there. I’ve also done some independent trips where I went by myself and not under the auspices of any covering organization.

Anyway, this blog will have a few articles that come out of my own experiences, but more of the blogs will be about kids health, tips for better kids health, etc. In other words, information articles rather than just personal storytelling articles.